Kayland Boots

Boots, ideally wanted summer hiking boots but since only a handful of manufactures make boots in size UK13 (USA14) my choice was limited. The last resort for getting a good fit pair of boots was Kayland, they make up to 13 and are well regarded in the hiking world. I wanted their Vertigo High boot, but no look finding a size 13 in the Ireland or the UK. So after reading some reviews I got the Kayland Contact 1000 three season boots, they arrived in the mail on Monday from England I purchased them online.

After trying them on they fit great, just need to go on a mini hike now to break them in and soften them up a bit, but not much is needed. Louise has a pair of three season Scarpa boots which fit her great and are great for long hikes.

Now I just need to find some size 13 socks! I have found it difficult to get 12+ Bridgedale socks in stores here but should be able to buy online. For the long hikes we plan on doing we need two pairs of socks, a liner which wicks moisture away from your foot to stop blisters, and an outer layer to reduce friction to also stop blisters.