GPS Google Earth

After each hike we plan on posting our treks for each National Park here which can be opened and viewed with Google Earth. We are using a Garmin GPSMAP 60 for trekking plus National Geographic maps and compass as a battery free backup. With the GPS we will be able to monitor progress all the way allowing us to track distance, altitude, speed and also check sunrise and sunset times which will come in handy for early hikes.

Each hike will be listed below:
Coming soon…

Haven’t got around to doing this yet but when I have more time online and not camping I will give it a go. Should work OK although on some hikes the GPS doesn’t work due to deep canyons or walking under 5,000ft cliffs. But will upload soon.

Kayland Boots

Boots, ideally wanted summer hiking boots but since only a handful of manufactures make boots in size UK13 (USA14) my choice was limited. The last resort for getting a good fit pair of boots was Kayland, they make up to 13 and are well regarded in the hiking world. I wanted their Vertigo High boot, but no look finding a size 13 in the Ireland or the UK. So after reading some reviews I got the Kayland Contact 1000 three season boots, they arrived in the mail on Monday from England I purchased them online.

After trying them on they fit great, just need to go on a mini hike now to break them in and soften them up a bit, but not much is needed. Louise has a pair of three season Scarpa boots which fit her great and are great for long hikes.

Now I just need to find some size 13 socks! I have found it difficult to get 12+ Bridgedale socks in stores here but should be able to buy online. For the long hikes we plan on doing we need two pairs of socks, a liner which wicks moisture away from your foot to stop blisters, and an outer layer to reduce friction to also stop blisters.