Sequoia Shuttle

Sequoia National Park was amazing, really enjoyed the week and we were able to save a few hundred dollars by taking the new Sequoia Shuttle ( from Visalia. The bus operates each morning from many stops in Visalia and Three Rivers in California from 07:00 to 13:00 and it takes less than two hours to reach Sequoia National Park, it return from the park between 14:30 and 18:30. A return ticket only costs $10 which includes the park entrance fee, a great way to see the park. The internal shuttle bus in the park lets you travel freely around the park quickly.

The bus saved us from renting a car for the week which would have cost a few hundred dollars, we highly recommend the bus for hikers and backpackers. Although you have to pre-book the bus online or by phone as it is not possible to walk on so some planning is needed.

The park’s internal bus is great and the staff are really helpful and are always on the look out for bears to show you. Buses run from 09:00 to 18:30 each day and are all wheelchair accessible and you can also bring your bike too, each is equipped with a bike rack.

Sequoia National Park

Very cool, saw lots of bears too including one which passed right beside our campsite as we were reading. The trees are very, very big but lots of other cool things too like Moro Rock, Tokopah Falls and the General Sherman of course. I will post some photos and update all posts soon as we have the comforts of a hotel for the next two nights, oh a soft bed!

Will be update soon.

Some of the photos now updated not all Sequoia yet though. Also it’s very warm here on the local news about it as it hits 102f/38c Irish bodies aren’t built for that type of heat. As we head north is should get cooler.