First night under the stars

We received our new MSR Mutha Hubba Tent in the mail on Wednesday so we decided to camp out Wednesday night to give it a test. It was extremely easy to set up and only took a few minutes.

As for space, I am 6ft 3″ and there is more than enough room for me, I can even sit up without incident. Also the entire tent only weighs 7lb or 3.3kg perfect for hiking.

Welcome to Hiking The USA

The Plan:
Myself and Louise plan on spending three months next summer (Early May – Lat July) hiking the national parks of the United States. We have already started purchasing items for the trip, only this week our fantastic tent (2006 MSR Mutha Hubba) arrived, and Louise got her sleeping bag (North Face Cat’s Meow Sleeping Bag) about two weeks ago from MooseJaw and a very neat little gas cooker from JetBoil. More to get but we have nine month yet, so lots of time.

The trip will start from Las Vegas, mid way stop in San Francisco for a few days, onto Salt Lake City, and finish in Seattle.

The parks included in the plan:

So we will keep you updated via our new website We will have to drive between each national park with a rental car so our next step is to work out which rental company is the best value and who has a drop off point near each national park entrance. Should be fun!