GPS, maps, or both

Before Christmas I ordered all the maps for each National Park we will be visiting, the maps are great and include all the trails. Then I decided should I get GPS, or not. Price was a consideration but after much searching I found the Garmin GPSmap 60 at an eBay store and it does the job for a low price, 24 hour battery life and waterproof. This is great for peace of mind when hiking and will come in extremely handy.

First night under the stars

We received our new MSR Mutha Hubba Tent in the mail on Wednesday so we decided to camp out Wednesday night to give it a test. It was extremely easy to set up and only took a few minutes.

As for space, I am 6ft 3″ and there is more than enough room for me, I can even sit up without incident. Also the entire tent only weighs 7lb or 3.3kg perfect for hiking.